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Who Are We

The cost of doing business is soaring. 


With profitability a key measure, investors expect the founders to scale and grow revenue while keeping a tight lid on cash burn. The renewed focus on profitable growth requires start-ups to scale effectively, efficiently. 

In response to volatile markets and increasing competition, investors and start-ups are examining an alternative economic model. 


Achieving growth while reining in costs requires a new approach to build brands, to win new customers. Backed by RSquared Global Ventures, M2E is well positioned to power this new paradigm. 

M2E’s vision is to accelerate the adoption of this Circular Economy in the media & start-up ecosystem by helping start-ups extend their lifecycle of cash burn, by helping media owners re-deploy their perishable inventory, thereby, creating a growth momentum for all stakeholders alike. 

We view the circular media economy from the lens of media practitioners powered by our expertise in marketing services and executing multi-million dollar marketing investments for blue-chip global companies. 

M2E takes the best of the Venture Capital model and that of a Media Agency solution to launch a Venture Fund, inviting leading Media companies in the region as Limited Partners, to invest in the fund with their Media Assets. M2E Media Fund in turn invests these media assets in a scientific manner across DTC start ups, doubling up as investors as well as a marketing services partner.

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